CORE succession




CORE.N is our tailor-made program for the successful design and assurance of succession. Together with one of our external managers, we take on unresolved succession situations in family owned SMEs. CORE ensures the selection of a suitable successor and supports this in the successful continuation of the company.


CORE.N. offers optimal conditions to the successor. We ensure continuity by providing expertise and technically competent management capacity. CORE is a financing partner of the successor for both purchase prices and capital expenditures.


CORE jointly invests with the successor. The successor is not always able to finance the purchase price and the necessary capital resources alone. As a partner, CORE secures the financing. The initial share-ownership ratio between CORE and the successor is dependent on the specific situation and the need for capital.


With CORE as a financing partner providing the necessary investments, any identified, medium-term growth opportunities or cost reduction potential can be utilised immediately by the successor.


The long term goal is the complete takeover of the company by its successor. On the basis of positive business development the successor will take over the shares held by core.

Plan of action



CORE is a reliable partner for SME family business owners with unresolved succession. We find the right successor, become their financing partner and offer operational support in the continuation of the company. This is how the solutions to unresolved succession problems become successful. Together we secure the future of your company.


Family businesses are particularly influenced by people. When the owner leaves the company so does the personality, expertise and presence in the market. The successor faces a major challenge. It is important for the successor to immediately focus on the essentials: customers and employees.


In this phase CORE relieves the successor and ensures professional management in all areas. CORE has extensive experience in the successful management and redesign of the organizational and operational structure of SMEs.


Depending on the specific situation, the specialists at CORE would effectively strengthen the personal and organizational distribution, introduce a new ERP system, create the layout plan for the new manufacturing facility or identify an additional national market.


After implementation of immediately necessary short-term measures, CORE develops a long-term strategy for the company with the successor. CORE withdraws itself from operational activities as soon as the successor has everything under control.

Investment Profile

Together with one of our external managers, we take on unresolved succession situations in family owned SMEs.

CORE identifies suitable successor cases as well as the appropriate successor. Alternatively, external managers tend to approach CORE in order to acquire a solution to a succession problem. 

CORE is not focused on specific industries.


Basic requirements for investment include:

  • Headquarters in German-speaking countries (DACH)
  • Marketable core business
  • Annual turnover above € 5 million
  • Decision has been made to use an external solution to solve succession problem

Looking for a successor? Would you like to acquire a successful company?


Please contact us, we ensure concise and qualified feedback. Your contacts are Linlu Shen and Dr. Markus Ziegler.