CORE Restructuring




CORE invests long-term in companies in crisis to actively turn their operations around. CORE takes on
the operational leadership within the company and implements restructuring measures supported by
the necessary investments. CORE has extensive experience in the successful turnaround and redevelopment of SMEs.


The sense of responsibility from true ownership is central to the way we work. Our independence from the influence of the financial market guarantees complete focus on attaining a sustainable increase in productivity in our invested companies and makes CORE a reliable partner. Through this standard of quality CORE is an intentional counterpoint to competition.

Plan of action



CORE acquires companies in crisis and transition and realigns the invested company’s structures and
processes with current market demands.


CORE specializes in the active operational restructuring of companies in crisis situations. Our business model stands out against competition due to our independence from the influence of the financial market. This guarantees the absolute focus on a sustained increase in profitability of each acquired company through joint operational actions.


CORE also acquires former corporate divisions to set up and systematically restructure carve-outs into
stable independent SMEs.


After a company is purchased, one of the CORE founders personally takes on operational leadership together with a selected industry expert. The involvement of any further CORE rehabilitation specialists will depend on the specific situation at hand.


We see ourselves as entrepreneurs and this is how we act. For each business a turnaround plan is set with detailed restructuring measures around a budget plan and schedule. These are then implemented in a way that is decisive, efficient and pragmatic by a restructuring team composed of turnaround experts at CORE as well as personnel from the invested company.


Our proven system of restructuring ensures transparency, quick results and sustainable success.


Investment Profile

CORE invests in European SMEs in crisis or transition as well as corporate spin-offs. CORE is not focused on specific industries.


Basic requirements for investment include:

  •   Marketable core business
  •   Below-average profitability with room for operative improvement
  •   Headquarters in German-speaking countries (DACH)
  •   Annual turnover of € 10 million - € 150 million
  •   Majority investments


Please contact us, we ensure concise and qualified feedback. Your contacts are Leonhard Reznicek and Dr. Markus Ziegler.