CORE is a fund manager of an internationally financed fund. CORE's focus is on making intelligent financial investments for the fund in up to 10 technology leading companies by 2021. Our target companies are based in the mid-market segment and are headquartered in Europe.

During target identification, we focus on companies operating in industries with substantial, future-oriented potential, being in a strong position to achieve significant international growth.


As an active investor, CORE optimizes the financial, structural and operational characteristics of the portfolio companies as needed, thus driving a sustained increase in value. 

Plan of action


Following an industrial logic, CORE identifies attractive candidates for takeover and actively approaches the shareholders. Our objective is to accomplish transactions in line with a sound equity story. Naturally, we also pursue ideas which are brought to our attention by the market itself or by our network.

A key factor in the successful completion of transactions is a deep understanding of the relevant markets and their technological developments. To safeguard this, CORE closely cooperates with selected market experts in the branches required to complement its own industry know-how.

CORE manages the due diligence and steers the complete M&A process while integrating the Investment Committee of the fund through proper alignment.

Following the closure of a takeover, CORE supports the new portfolio company in the implementation of operational improvements. Through our active ownership approach, we enhance the management team of the company by adding value, via our team of dedicated CORE specialists implementing effective operational measures.

Together with both technical know-how and financial capabilities, we support the companies where needed, thereby strengthening their technical capacities in order to increase market share. To best exploit potential growth opportunities, CORE, in consultation with the company's management team, can realize add-on acquisitions on an international scale.


CORE's profound experience in optimizing the financial, structural and operational characteristics of portfolio companies is a key competitive advantage for achieving desirable value creation with a long term orientation.

Investment Profile

As the fund manager of an international fund, CORE focuses on acquisitions within the mid-market segment. CORE plans on successfully completing up to 10 acquisitions by the year 2021.

Investment focus lies within the following industries: Automotive, Mechanical Engineering, Green Tech and Healthcare.

Basic requirements for investment include:

  • Headquarters in Europe
  • Substantial international growth potential
  • Annual turnover above € 50 million
  • Controlling equity stake
  • Equity investments € 25 million - € 75 million

Please contact us, we ensure concise and qualified feedback. Your contacts are Leonhard Reznicek and Dr. Markus Ziegler.